Equine Assisted Therapy

Equine Assisted Therapy invites you into relationship with our horses for the purposes of personal growth, transformation, symptom reduction, and positive change. Through this work, 

Horses are innate healers, and when used purposefully within the context of a therapeutic relationship, offer insight, non-critical feedback and confidence-enhancing engagement to support clients towards their goals.

Equine Assisted Therapy is an experiential treatment model (hands-on) in which horses enter into the therapeutic relationship as co-therapists to support you towards our goals. Equine Assisted Therapy connects all participants to the horse(s) through such activities as observation, grooming, groundwork, and other structured and semi-structured encounters, making this both an attachment based and experiential learning model.

utilizes connection and participation with horses within the therapeutic relationship to facilitate in awareness building, self-regulation, and skill development and integration as you work through your concerns/challenges.  As horses serve as a powerful mirror, reflecting back information regarding your own emotional state, they allow you to explore and manage your thoughts, feelings, beliefs and behaviors and then by working to develop and practice the skills necessary to promote positive change in your life.

Equine Assisted Therapy help you to build awareness while working to reduce or eliminate undesirable patterns, behavior, and mental health symptoms.
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