For Boys


Emotional Empowerment for Boys

i-am-heart offers programs that are designed to teach boys how to identify, accept and express their full range of emotions, and support them in experiencing healthier and safer relationships with their families, friends, peers and with the world that surrounds them. Programs are geared towards elementary through high-school aged boys and are offered as two-day immersive workshops as well as evening group programs.
‚ÄčPrograms are focused on empathy, compassion and emotional self-awareness that promote confidence, self-esteem and acceptance based on emotional empowerment. Attendees participate in both group and individual activities with emphasis on learning through experience and reflection.

Most importantly, each participant’s experience is to be filled with fun, adventure, acceptance and enjoyment while exploring individual emotional capabilities.
Our mission is to break the “Boy Code” and the idea that boys must keep their emotions in-check, suppress the expression of authentic and vulnerable feelings, and disconnect from their emotions. We offer programs for teen and pre-teen boys focused on empathy, compassion and emotional awareness that promotes individual confidence, self-esteem and self-acceptance based on emotional empowerment. 

This work is a collaborative effort with my partner, Lance Drozda, founder of i-am-heart. For more information, please visit our website
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