Counselling Services

Spirited Connections Counselling offers an array of counselling to services to support you and your family as you negotiate change.

All of our sessions are offered by a Clinical Social Worker and are covered by most insurance companies. Telephone and Skype sessions are also available in lieu of face to face counselling.
Individual Counselling

Spirited Connections Counselling offers individual therapy for children, adolescents and adults.

Our client-centered approach supports individuals in accessing their strengths, reducing unwanted symptoms/stressors and actualizing your goals.
Couples Counselling

Spirited Connections Counselling offers couples therapy for married, common-law, engaged and dating couples. Our sessions support couples in navigating relationship challenges, resolving communication barriers, facilitating positive relationship habits, restoring connection and maintaining the rights of the individual as you unite in teamwork.
Intuitive Counselling

Our intuitive counselling combines intuitive readings into the counselling session. Through this approach, you work efficiently to uncover the root of your presenting problems, and address them.

In these sessions you further learn to access and trust in your own intuitive abilities.
Personal Transformation

Regardless of age, phase of life's journey, Spirited Connections Counselling can support you as you navigate the changes in your life.

Our sessions support individuals with life transitions, making changes, and personal development, and those on a spiritual quest.
Addiction Counselling

Spirited Connections Counselling works with individuals, friends and families impacted by addiction.

Our counselling supports individuals impacted by substance addiction (drugs, alcohol, tobacco) and behavioral addiction (gambling) through building motivation for change, intervention to reduce/eliminate use, and through relapse prevention.
Anxiety and Mood Disorders

Spirited Connections Counselling supports individuals reduce the frequency and severity of symptoms pertaining to mood (depression) and anxiety disorders.

Eating Disorders and Body Image
Spirited Connections Counselling works with individuals, friends and families impacted by eating disorders.

Our counselling supports individuals aged 8+ with body image issues, disordered eating and eating disorders. Our sessions support those with anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa and binge eating disorders.
For Boys

Collaborating with i-am-heart offers programs support boys in moving towards emotional empowerment.

These programs teach boys emotional awareness and coping skills while promoting healthier relationships with themselves, their families, friends, peers and with the world that surrounds them.
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