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Welcome to Spirited Connections

At Spirited Connections, we believe in the importance of connection and integration. On a basic level, this speaks to a wholistic view of health and wellness involving all levels of our beings; the physical, mental, emotional, and energetic components which makes up our human whole. Connection also speaks to our relationships; with ourselves, with others, with our environment, with the collective consciousness, and with the Universe. When we lose our connections, or when there is an imbalance within the connection, our lives fall into disarray. Symptoms of distress and disease present, decision-making becomes harder, life’s challenges become barriers to empowerment and growth, and it is unfortunately easy to get stuck in unhealthy and repetitive patterns.

The good news is that all connections can be repaired; ones which no longer serve us severed, and newer, positive ones created. When we are connected, we are in tune with out bodies and our needs. We are in tune with out intuition and divine guidance. We form mutually beneficial relationships which promote growth. We are in flow and life moves with ease and grace.

Our Mission

Spirited Connections was founded with the intention of helping you live your life to your fullest and most authentic expression. As all individuals are unique, so too will be your path, purpose and goals. It is our mission to help clear maladaptive programs and conditioning which limits the actualization of your unlimited potential and causes suffering. I work collaboratively with you and your divine support system to create new paradigms geared towards truth, integrity, happiness and ascension. Supporting you in actualizing your passions is paramount.

Spirited Connections is located in Calgary, Alberta. All sessions are available face to face or remotely – via telephone or Skype. Our sessions are appropriate for men, women, and children of all ages as individuals, or in couples, families or groups.

Spirited Connections supports you when you are struggling with:
- depression
- anxiety
- bipolar disorder
- borderline personality disorder
- addiction to alcohol, tobacco, and/or other substances of addiction
- grief and loss
- life transitions and changes
- romantic relationships
- familial relationships
- social relationships
- communication
- assertiveness
- acute injury, repetitive injury and chronic health concerns
- bullying
- eating disorders
- self-esteem
- body image issues
- trauma
- intuition development
- intuitive living
- making positive changes

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The work Spirited Connections does absolutely blows me away. Getting to the root of the issue, helping you to see where the real problem is, and gently transforming with positive insights makes this the best place to go for healing.
- Kirk, Body-Fitness Consultant, Asheville NC

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