• Counselling Services

    Spirited Connections offers individual, couples, family and group therapy.

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  • Equine Assisted Therapy

    Horses as co-therapists help you build awareness, develop skills and integrate new behaviours.

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  • Energy Healing

    Energy healing clears blockages/barriers, unlocks capabilities and moves you into health and balance

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Counselling Services

The intuitive counselling offered through Spirited Connections helps bridge the gap between the conscious mind, where symptoms and challenges can be identified, and their subconscious origins. Through intuitive counselling, symptoms are addressed within the context of childhood experiences, karmic patterns, past lives, personality and environmental factors, etc. This holistic approach is both gentle and non-stigmatizing, offers healing on multiple levels and across all life areas. Through this process you rapidly gain clarity, insight, and tools for sustainable change; it is a process much more efficient than talk therapy alone. Intuitive counselling is appropriate for those aged 6+ and is available for individuals, couples and families. These sessions are covered by most insurance providers.
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Equine Assisted Therapy

Equine assisted therapy invites participants to take their learning out of the city and out of the office and join us at the farm where our horses become the co-therapists in the counselling process. These programs facilitate in awareness building, skill development and personal growth and change for individuals, families, couples and groups. Participants must be 5 years of age or older. No previous horse experience is required. These sessions are covered by most insurance providers.
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Energy Healing

Everything is energy. Your body, your thoughts, your emotions, everything in your environment... and it's always interacting. When there is a disruption or blockage in one area, it starts manifesting in any/all areas of your life as illness, injury, struggle or suffering. Energy healing moves you back into alignment, restores optimal energy flow which allows for a positive connection with yourself and surroundings, and ensures that you are fulfilling your purpose(s) with ease and integrity.

Psychic readings are also available.
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Animal Communication

Animal communication is a great way to gain insight into the inner workings of your pet; be it their health and wellness, likes and dislikes, or even helping to eliminate fears or problem behaviors. These readings further offer an opportunity for connection and closure following the loss of an animal companion. Animal communication is also a great skill for the do-it-yourself intuitive.
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Speaking and Presenting

Interested in having Rebecca speak to your group or event? 

Rebecca is an engaging and motivating speaker and has been featured in television, radio and printed media.
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