Intuitive Counselling

Intuitive Counselling

The intuitive counselling offered through Spirited Connections helps bridge the gap between the conscious mind, where symptoms and challenges can be identified, and their subconscious origins. Through intuitive counselling, symptoms are addressed within the context of childhood experiences, karmic patterns, past lives, personality and environmental factors, etc. This holistic approach is both gentle and non-stigmatizing, offers healing on multiple levels and across all life areas. 
Through this process you rapidly gain clarity, insight, and tools for sustainable change; it is a process much more efficient than talk therapy alone. Intuitive counselling is appropriate for those aged 6+ and is available for individuals, couples and families. These sessions are covered by most insurance providers.
Energy Psychotherapy
Energy psychotherapy combines the benefits of intuitive counselling with energy healing; meaning the blockages and attachments which are identified through the intuitive process can be cleared and released once identified. This allows for greater ease in making change, even big change, in any area of your life and against any presenting challenge. The addition of the energy work into the counselling process dissolves clears cords and attachment to non-beneficial habits and patterns, energetic barriers to success, reprograms belief systems and offers global insights into your life, relationships and future possibilities. Tools to sustain the new pathways and possibilities are provided so that you may continue your personal growth at home. Energy psychotherapy is geared towards rapid and sustainable healing, personal growth transformation, enhancing needed skillsets, creating positive paradigms and facilitating in a deeper connection with self and the Universe. Spirited Connections Counselling offers energy psychotherapy for those aged 6+ as individuals, couples or as a family. Energy psychotherapy is safe for pregnant and nursing women. Our energy psychotherapy sessions are covered by most insurance providers.
Intuitive Counselling may be right for you when:
  • You are feeling stuck; the next steps are unclear
  • You desire personal or professional transformation
  • You are struggling to find meaning in your experiences
  • You are uncertain about how to best navigate changes
  • You are faced with ambiguity or uncertainty in any life area
  • There are unwanted mental, physical or behavioral symptoms with no known origin 
  • The origins of your challenges are karmic or related to past life experiences
  • You need support in unlocking your subconscious awareness
  • You are struggling with questions pertaining to life path and purpose
  • You are struggling to connect with your personal truth or best express your values
  • You feel incongruent in any area of your life

Intuitive counselling is offered for individuals aged 5+. Sessions are offered for individuals, couples, and families.

Clearing Cords and Attachments

Whenever there is an exchange of energy, cords and attachments are formed. A cord is the connection, the energetic link between two entities. They can exist between people and places, animals, emotional experiences, inanimate objects, etc. Positive cords, called love links, are heart to heart connections which transmit love, healing energy and support. Cords become problematic when the energetic exchange does not serve your highest and best good; when they drain your energy and your resources. They also take up a lot of energy as you will work hard to push whatever's on the other end away or to avoid it.
Signs you may have unhelpful cords and attachments:
  • There is sudden disconnect in the relationship or tension with unknown origins
  • You feel drained, tired or lethargic - may worsen with proximity
  • Weight gain, especially around your midsection
  • Enmeshment - energetic entanglement where you struggle to differentiate yourself from the other energy(s)
  • You become stuck in a repetitive pattern of relating to people, situations or places
  • You have adopted the mannerisms and behaviors of those around you
  • You feel trapped, entangled, or ensnared
  • Efforts to end relationships prove unsuccessful and the emotional response that arises when you think about the relationship is extreme
  • Varying levels of aversions, also including fears and phobias
  • Obsessive thinking - may also present with infatuation or addiction
Addressing Karma

Healing in the present sometimes requires healing past life events which contributed to the manifestation of your karma. This is mostly unfinished business, when the lessons you were working on weren't completed, when you meet soul mates who remind you of your past lives, and past griefs (usually their death or yours) and healing any wounds to your energy body which may have resulted. There are many situations where people have made vows prior to this incarnation which are not helping them with their life's work; for instance vows of poverty, which need to be healed for abundance, etc. to flow. Other times people leave part(s) of their energy in those past lives, which requires a soul retrieval to heal. Regressions are rarely a part of this work, however they can be requested. Regardless, when karma manifests, it is usually accompanied by the belief, "it is always going to be this way," which is always rewritten in session. Attending to your karma is always part of your spiritual journey, and with our support can be done with ease and grace and expedience. 
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