Equine Assisted Therapy

Equine assisted therapy adds experiential/hands on learning into each counselling session by inviting horses into the therapeutic alliance. In this work, you enter into relationship with the horse(s) through observation, grooming, groundwork, and other hands-on experiences in way which supports you as you work through your concerns/challenges. In our equine assisted therapy, not only will you increase your awareness into your thoughts, feelings, beliefs and behaviours, but you will also be guided in your work to develop and practice the skills necessary to promote positive change in your life. 

What Horses Have to Offer

Horses, as prey animals, are keenly aware of their environments, which includes the attitudes, emotions and intentions of the people who interact with them. As such, they can serve as a mirror - their behavior visibly changes depending on your mood, emotional state, and your progression through learning new skills, such as emotional regulation, assertive communication, boundaries, etc. 

Rebecca is a skilled horsewoman and clinician, allowing her the opportunity to read the behavioral changes in the horse and help you make sense of them as they pertain to your life, struggles, successes and learning. This allows the horse to become an instrumental part of the healing relationship.
Equine Assisted Therapy

Equine assisted therapy adds the therapeutic use of horses to counselling work to give our clients multiple ways to achieve personal growth, transformation, symptom reduction, and positive change. 

Horses are innate healers, and when used purposefully in a therapeutic relationship, offer insight, non-critical feedback and confidence-enhancing engagement to support our clients towards their goals.
Expressive Arts and Horses

Expressive Arts and Horses uniquely combines expressive arts with equine assisted therapy in such a way that the horses themselves become canvasses on which the therapeutic process unfolds. 

Using the horse as a living, breathing canvas, you enter into a unique relationship with both your imagination, your creative expression, and your stories - what you have experienced, what you have/are overcoming, and where you are going.

Spirited Connections Counselling offers horsemanship classes for equine enthusiasts of all ages to deepen their understanding of equine behaviour, communication and relationship skills.

Our sessions are designed to support mental health professionals moving to incorporate equine assisted therapy into their practice.
Equine Assisted Therapy Education, Consultation and Supervision

Spirited Connections Counselling offers consultation and supervision services for clinicians and equine specialists engaged in equine assisted therapy, equine assisted learning, or who are seeking to expand their scope of practice to include this work.

Our consultation and supervision services offer insight into the use of horses as agents of change, troubleshooting for challenging clients/dynamics, and deepening the intentional application of horses within a therapeutic process.

Workshops, classes and a certificate program in equine assisted therapy is also available.
Coming to the Barn?

All of our equine assisted therapy sessions occur on our farm in Airdrie, AB.

Spirited Connections counselling works with children (5+), adolescents and adults. Our sessions are appropriate for individuals, couples, or families. Please note that this is not a riding program. 

These sessions are covered by most insurance providers. 
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