Past Life Readings

Past Life Readings and Healing

Are you curious about where and when you’ve lived in the past? Do you have affinities with certain cultures, artifacts or places with no known cause? It’s probably a past life that your soul remembers! Working with past lives gives you a glimpse into the lives you have lived before and the experiences you have had.
It may be karmic when:
  • Nothing you do seems to yield any type of change
  • The relationship is intense and turbulent; you feel like you've known them forever
  • There is a deeply entrenched pattern with no logical origin
  • Your actions or behaviors in a certain area are entirely out of character
  • Intense cravings and aversions
  • You experience repetitive dreams, positive and/or negative
  • Feeling resentful about incarnating as a human being, wishing you were somewhere/when else
  • Struggling to be in a human body, frequent dissociation not related to mental health
  • There is a lack of fulfillment in life, expereinces or activies 
  • You feel like something is missing or something is off
  • Remembering memories of people and places from past lives
  • Experiencing repetitive injury to a certain body part or chronic, un-diagnosed pain
You may require healing on a past life issue if:
  • You repeat unwanted patterns regardless of your efforts to make changes
  • There are certain people you are inexplicably drawn towards or avoid
  • You feel as though you don’t belong in the here and now
  • Unexplained physical and mental pain which has no origin
  • Feeling as though you are being pulled in multiple directions and can’t find your center
  • Unexplained fears and phobias
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