Energy Healing

Energy Healing

Energy Healing
Everything is energy. Your body, your thoughts, your emotions, everything in your environment... and it's always interacting. When there is a disruption or blockage in one area, it starts manifesting in any/all areas of your life as illness, injury, struggle or suffering. Energy healing moves you back into alignment, restores optimal energy flow which allows for a positive connection with yourself and surroundings, and ensures that you are fulfilling your purpose(s) with ease and integrity. The benefits are numerous and include:

Physical - rapid healing and recovery, pain reduction, weight loss, enhanced performance and conditioning, improved and stabilized energy, stimulated immune system

Emotional - closure for past traumas, improved emotional regulation and coping, balanced and improved mood, easing grief, managing situational stressors, decreased fear and phobias, promoted emotional expression, easing transitions in life, implemented empathetic boundaries
Mental - aided addiction and eating disorder recovery, improved focus and concentration, eased decision-making, self-esteem and self-efficacy improvements, reduced anxiety and depressive symptoms, reduced negative self talk and maladaptive beliefs, decreased self-sabotage, stress reduction and relaxation, promoted creativity and imagination

Relationships - improved communication and 
self-expression, restored boundaries, improved attachments and attachment style, ensured mutually beneficial relationships, decreased conflict and tension, resolution and closure, manifested soul mate and twin flame relationships
Spiritual - healed past life wounds and traumas, personal empowerment, balanced chakras and meridians, connection and/or closure from departed loved ones, healed and prevented psychic attacks, healed energetic drains/leaks, healed ancestral patterns (multigenerational), enhanced intuition, enhanced relationship to Spirit and Source, rapid manifesting, improved intention setting, clear energy flow, reduced hauntings, cleared cords and attachments, restored healthy energy flow.

The greatest gift of energy work is that each session attends to multiple symptoms simultaneously, as the root of the issue is addressed and healed. Energy healing offers rapid, sustainable and transformative healing in a manner which is non-invasive, safe and highly effective. Energy work is safe for all ages, including pregnant and nursing women, and is equally effective for animals. Contact us today to book your session. Have questions? We’d love to answer them in a free 15 minute consultation.

Energy Clearing

Spirited Connections Counselling offers energy clearing to help you address specific and general concerns in your physical, mental, emotional or spiritual health, and also in the areas of love, career, finances, transitions and fulfillment. Our sessions identify where there is discord between your intentions and your outcomes, and locates the source of the problem before working to heal it. Please note that the larger blockages which have manifested into multiple life areas may require multiple sessions to heal.

Sessions are 30 or 60 minutes in length and can be conducted either face to face or via telephone/Skype. Please note too that in all energy clearing sessions your chakras will be balanced and your aura cleared of all non-beneficial energy.
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Blockages can include such things as:
  • Unprocessed emotional trauma
  • Childhood traumas
  • Maladaptive belief systems
  • Negative thought patterns which are pervasive
  • Physical and mental health symptoms, with or without diagnoses
  • Taking on other people’s stuff
  • Being highly sensitive to other energies
  • Unhealthy family patterns/habits
  • Having poor boundaries physically and or energetically
  • Karma
  • Past life events
  • Psychic attacks and other non-beneficial entities
  • Repetitive thinking, often negative in nature
  • Self-deprication
  • Self-Sabotage
  • Inability to let things go
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