Intuitive Services

Spirited Connections Counselling offers an array of intuitive services through which you can gain insight into your life, uncover possibilities for the future, validate choices and direction, and unlock hidden potentials.
Intuitive/Psychic Readings

Intuitive readings offer insight into the past, present and future, which help with decision making, healing and setting intentions which move you towards the fulfillment of your deepest dreams.

Readings offered by Spirited Connections are either 60 or 30 minutes in length.
Intuitive Counselling

Our intuitive counselling offers insight and direction beyond the scope of traditional talk therapy.

Spirited Connections' intuitive counselling rapidly accesses areas which need healing and offer tools and support for making sustainable changes. These sessions are a must for individuals working to connect with their intuition to aid in decision making and healing.
Energy Healing

Spirited Connections Counselling offers energy readings and healings for individuals of all ages. Through these readings, energy blockages, which may otherwise manifest as physical, mental, emotional or interpersonal symptoms, are identified and corrected. Be prepared… these sessions cover a lot of information and may lead to positive, life-altering, changes.

Certified by Charles Virtue as an Advanced Angel Therapy Practitioner, these readings connect with both your personal angels and the Archangels to provide messages of support, encouragement, and direction. These reading and healing sessions are gentle and affirming, and dissolve doubt, disease and uncertainty in all life areas.
Space Clearing

Spirited Connections Counselling offers space clearing to improve the energy in your residence or office. Space clearings move out all old, stagnant and non-beneficial energies creating a more positive vibration, energetic feel and ambiance. Space clearings opens your space up to heightened possibility, creativity and inspiration. Noticeable results are guaranteed.
Intuitive Development

Accessing intuition consistently and reliably is a skill which can be learned. Through our programs, you will enhance your intuition, learn to receive messages, and open pathways for deeper and clearer messaging. 

The support offered by Spirited Connections helps you set the right intention(s) to manifest exactly what you need into your life with expedience, ease and grace.
Psychic Parties

Host a psychic party where our psychics come to your event for individual or group readings. 

Past Life Readings, Past Life Healing

In our past life readings you will learn about who you were in previous lives, including where and when you lived, your various roles (occupational, social and familial) and which current friends and family members you were previously connected to.

These sessions further explore karma which may be interfering with positive growth in this life and which keep you stuck in repetitive cycles. These can be cleared forever.
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