The work Rebecca has done with my daughter is indescribable. She is becoming more patient, an example would be when she waited for her turn to talk at the dinner table while my mother-in-law was visiting, a big first! One of the things I was hoping my daughter would get out of her time spent at the farm would be to start developing her own intuition. Since working with Rebecca and the horses I have witnessed her moving in that direction which is very exciting. I have also noticed that she pays more attention to what she is doing around her own horses and has been interacting with them on a more personal level. My daughter loves her sessions and I plan on allowing her to continue with Spirited Connections as long as I can.
- Kelly Snyder, Owner, Form, Function and Grace

The work Spirited Connections does absolutely blows me away. Getting to the root of the issue, helping you to see where the real problem is, and gently transforming with positive insights makes this the best place to go for healing.
- Kirk, Body-Fitness Consultant

My first encounter with Rebecca blew me away (it will forever!) and made me one of her biggest fans for life. Her abilities and divine wisdom still astound me to this day, and I am slowly starting to grasp the depth of it all.

Rebecca has helped me to understand and change (!) self sabotaging patterns, maladaptive cycles and negative thoughts. She has a brilliant way of connecting with you, explaining things clearly, mapping out exactly what you need to do to start the change process, and providing ease through the transitions - this is no easy feat. Not only has she opened my mind to new ways of thinking and feeling, but she has taught me how to do all of this while also feeling empowered - working with her literally changes your life.

I feel like everyone in the world needs to meet Rebecca to truly understand the extent of her gifts. She is brilliant, humble, gracious, and beautiful from the inside out. I will continue to refer people who are serious about change, clarity, reassurance, resolutions and happiness to my friend, Rebecca.
- Carlee Ruddy, Addiction and Mental Health Specialist

Rebecca embodies what compassion is meant to be. With no judgement, and much care she quickly and effortlessly gets to the core issues that are at the root of whatever is manifesting for me. It is always an interesting and profound journey, and one in which I feel completely safe in letting her unravel me. 
- Anonymous 

Rebecca is easily the most gifted healer I have encountered to date. Her beautiful intuitive gifts combined with her profound energy healing and masterful counselling provides a unique combination that goes beyond anything in the emerging energy psychotherapy field. She has kept myself, my family, and loved ones well for several years. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that no matter what challenges I face on any level in my life, Rebecca will be able to guide me beyond them and back to space of excellent health.
- Sydney Sveinson, Owner, Energy Works Integrative Wellness

Rebecca is such an amazing healer and counselor. In her Expressive Arts and Horses work she is able to make insightful connections between what the artist is projecting onto the horse and how it reflects pieces of the horse itself, as well as the relationship that builds between the artist and the horse they are drawn to work with. Rebecca's process allows the artist to find true freedom in their expression with the horse, regardless of artistic experience. Not only is it liberating to have that artistic flow open and moving, but then to be given ways to integrate it into being a part of everyday life...its a spectacular process!
- Chelsea Cloutier, Founder of the Appalachian Center for Wild Horses

Rebecca I want to say thank you. You helped me on the journey from broken to whole. You helped me to understand myself and in understanding myself I've now got the skills to really move on with my life.
- Sandi Hirst, Director of the Brenda Strafford Center of Excellence

A few moments after meeting Rebecca she knew exactly where to go and how to begin our session. She has an incredible ability to pinpoint emotional traumas and get to the root of them quickly. She has gone into the very core of my belief systems and started the process or re-writing my though patterns and beliefs. She has helped me immensely and I am very grateful.
 - McKenzie, Dancer and Intuitive Practitioner

I want to tell you how much I appreciate Rebecca; someone who has the capacity to blow my mind and who is also a friend, so connected with animals and nature, funny, wise, in tune with all kinds of amazing gifts & ideas, and just generally an amazing human being, healer and teacher. This is who I know Rebecca to be. Rebecca has helped challenge my ways of thinking and being in interesting and helpful ways, let me know how much love and support is available to me, offered great support and healing, and she has appreciated me. She is amazing.
- Adele Towes, Addiction and Mental Health Specialist

Rebecca is a talented and caring professional. She is passionate about her work and it really shows! I received valuable intuitive guidance on how to improve my healing sessions with clients. Rebecca is an incredible intuitive healer. Many of my friends are seeking her services. Highly recommend!
- Dawn Westmoreland, Owner, Healing Thyme Services

I came to Rebecca for help setting my intentions for the New Year, and came away with so much more. Not only did she help me language powerful intentions, but she cleared away the blocks that would keep those intentions from manifesting. I felt the shift immediately, and continue to feel the ongoing, empowering effect. Thanks Rebecca! I recommend her services wholeheartedly!
- Kristine Madera, Owner, MindWise Hypnosis

To say that Rebecca is a horse whisperer would diminish what her gifts and expertise is with horses. She not only can read their health on the emotional, physical, mental and spiritual levels, but she can also easily transform any imbalances in any of these areas. To watch her work with her own horses, or others, is pure magic! I am in awe.
- Anonymous

Rebecca is an amazingly talented healer. One session with her greatly helped - almost stopped a life-long, life-threatening health issue I have. I have had a few healers play important rolls in my life, but none that I have known have been able to heal me as completely as Rebecca has. I have hardly noticed the effects of my syndrome since my session with her more than four months ago. She's thorough, thoughtful and will give you what you need in the way you need it.
- Michael Buczkowski, Craftsman and Cycling Enthusiast

Being a part of the intuitive community has made a huge impact on my life. My life now has a much deeper meaning and purpose. I have learnt to have faith in myself and pay attention to my intuition rather than ignoring it. I believe that my life has become an adventure and I look forward to learning my lessons from these experiences.
Dora Richardson, Psychiatric Nurse

 Rebecca Stares is, hands down, the most amazing intuitive healer and mentor!! Seeing her use of the incredible gift of intuition is mind blowing, and having the opportunity to learn from her is life changing, Since working with Rebecca in learning to access and strengthen my intuition, I have grown so much!! I've become much more positive, confident and self assured. I've been able to break down barriers, modify beliefs and get a closer look at who I really am and how much potential there is to become so much more than I ever thought possible. Rebecca shares so much wisdom in the most supportive kind and encouraging ways. This combined with the extra support, validation and celebration of a group setting has me excited and always looking forward to seeing what's next on this journey that Rebecca takes us on to becoming a better version of ourselves.
Vikki Frizzley, Nurse
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