Meet the Herd

Meet The Herd

This is Amber, a 16 year old Quarter Horse mare and the very first member of the herd. I bought Amber on my sixteenth birthday, after saving my money and dreaming of horses for as long as I remember. To me, Amber represents following your dreams and your heart; if I didn’t have a dream as a little girl, I never would have bought an untrained horse, never learned the lessons she taught me and I definitely wouldn’t be where I am today. Though Amber often appears laid back and somewhat aloof, she is quite the worrywart and does a good job of masking or concealing her emotions. Once she gets to know you, you will find that she is kind and gentle – and will do almost anything for a treat and a friendly pat –especially for the treat.
Tyfaari is the youngest in my herd, the friendliest, and also the tallest. Of all the horses in the herd, she has the biggest personality; she’s charismatic, playful, and full of energy. She loves people and other horses, and makes friends very easily. She is a good communicator and it is intriguing to watch her in the field interacting with other horses. She pays close attention to their body-language and is very responsive. Actually, she pays attention to everything – including the hose in the corner of the arena which she is convinced is going to spring to life and eat her! Tyfaari can be a little spooky at times. Being a racehorse in her past profession meant Tyfaari had a lot of learning to do when she moved to her new home with Spirited Connections. Slowing down, and learning that not everything is a competition were among her most important lessons.
Jenny is a 9 year old “Paint” mare and among the newest of the herd. Jenny has not had a lot of stability in her life; she has had many owners and many homes. As a result, she has come to believe that “if you want something done, you have to do it yourself” and she rarely asks for help or allows others to take care of her. For instance, if she sees something new, she immediately marches over to it and pokes it with her nose while she figures out what it is and if it poses a threat. Jenny notices everything, and is constantly re-evaluating the environment for safety concerns. Helping Jenny learn to trust and work with people and animal companions as a team is very important. 
Burdock and Kodiak are both Clydesdales, and more impressively, half-brothers. Standing at a whopping 18.2 hands high, they tower over all the visitors, and the other horses too. These gentle giants work hard to demonstrate their loving nature; they boys never use their size to intimidate or bully the other horses. These geldings are so similar in appearance they really ask you to learn the subtle aspects of their personalities which set them apart from one another. Another cool fact about Burdock and Kodiak is that they have an impressive resume - including pulling a wagon in the Stampede Parade 7 times! These horses know how to work and love sharing their work ethic in a way that combines both strength and playfulness. Now that's a valuable lesson!
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