Animal Communication

Animal communication offers insight and information into your pet's physical, mental and emotional well being. This can be used in identifying causes and contributing factors to illness, unwanted behaviors, fears and anxieties and relationship challenges. It can be used to inform your pet about upcoming changes/appointments to facilitate in their ability to negotiate them with ease. Oftentimes, animals have a lot to say about their owners, wanting to make sure all their needs are met so that they may be happy and fulfilled also. (Not to worry! They don't tattle!)

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Our beloved animals sometimes cross over before we are ready, before we've had a chance to say goodbye. Spirited Connection's medium ship readings offer a sense of peace and comfort as they confirm that your pet has crossed Rainbow Bridge and have found peace, while also allowing you to convey any missed messages. 

Sometimes, departed animals come back to visit. Depending on the individual it can be a source of comfort, or a bit unnerving. Medium ship readings allow your pet the opportunity to convey their messages of support and encouragement. 

Should an animal spirit be occupying your space, whether it is known to you or not, Spirited Connections will always help them into the light free of charge.

Learn to do it Yourself!
Spirited Connections offers individualized programs to teach you Reiki for animals, animal communication, and how to access and work with your animal totems. Already a practitioner? Through your work with Spirited Connections your intuition and abilities will deepen and you will become increasingly confident in your practice. Guaranteed. 
Energy Work for Animals
Animals are not only phenomenal conduits of healing energy - teaching us lessons to live by, lending their traits as totem animals, serving as guides and companions, etc. - but often need support in doing their own healing work. Spirited Connections facilitates with both; connecting and healing.
Energy healing for animals offers numerous benefits, including:
  • reducing pain and suffering
  • rapid healing and a reduction in the frequency/severity of chronic flare-ups
  • decreases in unwanted behaviors
  • improved performance and athleticism
  • offering insight into causes/contributing factors to illness and behavioral symptoms
  • easing transitions - moves, vet visits, new family members, death and dying
  • reducing fear and anxiety
Energy work for animals is a gentle and non-invasive healing modality. Energy work is suitable for all animals, regardless of species, breed or age. For the safety and comfort of your animal, sessions can occur in person or remotely. There is no difference in the quality or outcome of the work. Sessions run either a half hour or an hour.
Energy Healing with Multiple Animals
Have to or more pets? No problem. Spirited Connections offers energy healing for your pet and their animal bestie! No bestie? How about an arch nemesis? Energy healing eases tension, reduces conflict and facilitates in cohabitation and harmonious living. Household packages are also available for families with multiple animals. Substitute an animal companion for a human one to address shared concerns.
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