How long is an average session?
Most sessions last an hour in length. The exception being animal communication sessions and readings which can be an hour or half an hour in length.

What services are covered by insurance?
Psychotherapy sessions, regardless of whether they are traditional counselling, intuitive counselling, energy psychotherapy or equine assisted therapy are covered by all insurance providers who accept social workers as service providers. All of our services are provided by a clinical social worker.
Where do the EFP sessions occur?
With the exception of the initial assessment which occurs in our Campana Place office, all of our equine facilitated psychotherapy sessions occur out of our farm in Springbank, AB. 

How many sessions does a person need?
The number of sessions needed is dependent on the concerns which bring you to counselling and your goals around them. Most people attend for a maximum of eight sessions, which occur either weekly or every second week. That said, we maintain an open-door policy, meaning you are welcome to come back for additional support if other areas of growth present themselves.

How often do sessions occur?
Sessions most commonly occur every week or every other week, depending on the needs of the client. Once changes have been established, the frequency of the sessions decrease to every three weeks, every month, or longer. 

How long does it take to change?
Changing a habit occurs in as little as 21 days (3 weeks). Maintaining it requires a period of 3-6 months. For changes in lifestyle, coping, functioning, skill implementation, addiction, etc. most people report that it takes a year to make and sustain positive changes in multiple life areas. 

Do you write reports for court?
Written assessments can be provided for court an additional fee for service.

What do I need to bring to a reading?
For any reading, whether it is a psychic reading, energy reading/clearing, mediumship or angel reading, all you need to bring is yourself. Should you have a specific loved one, human or animal, that you would like to connect with, you are welcome to bring a picture of them. You are also encouraged to write down any questions that have prior to your session. Of course, an open-mind and an open-heart are beautiful. 

What do I need to bring to an efp session?
When you are attending on the farm for an equine facilitated psychotherapy session, there are a few considerations. You will want to dress for the weather and you must wear closed-toed shoes. It is also encouraged that you leave all pets and snacks at home. No special attire is needed. Children will be provided with helmets.

Do I need to bring my pet for an animal communication session or do you come to my home?
You do not have to bring your animal for an animal communication session, nor do we have to come to your home. When you book an animal communication session, you have the choice of doing the session remotely – via telephone or Skype – or bringing a photograph of your pet(s) to the session with you. 

Why don’t I bring my pet to an animal communication session?
Coming into a new environment can be stressful for pets, especially ones who are nervous or apprehensive. Keeping them emotionally safe and comfortable is a value of ours, which is why we ask you to leave them at home.

Can you do readings and energy work over the phone?
All of our intuitive and energy sessions can occur over the phone. As it is the energy of the person, their guides, etc. that we are tuning into, their physical presence makes no difference to the quality of the reading or information provided. Doing sessions over the phone is a great alternative for people who live out of town or have limited mobility. 

What animals can you connect with?
All animals regardless or species, level of domestication, age, gender, etc. can be connected with for the purposes of an animal communication session. This work is limited only by the individual animal’s willingness to connect. Rarely will an animal refuse to participate, though if it happens, their boundaries are respected. Oftentimes, they will still accept healing energy that is directed to them. 

Do you do Reiki?
Rebecca is a Reiki master. To receive a Reiki session, you must request it specifically or other modalities will be used. 

Do you teach Reiki? 
Yes. Spirited Connections teaches Reiki levels one, two, three and Masters, and additionally Reiki for animals specifically. 

How did I increase my intuition?
Everyone is intuitive, its just a matter of how much you choose to harness it. Its like a muscle really, the more you use it, the more it grows. Accessing and increasing your intuition can be done through practice, harnessing group energy to set you up for success, and clearing away any of the barriers and limiting beliefs that get in the way of your connection. Then its all about choosing when and where and how you want to use it. 

How long have you been intuitive?
I have always been intuitive; just like all other people on the planet I was born an intuitive being. Unlike others, I maintained this ability through childhood and into adulthood. As a teenager and adult I began to consciously cultivate my intuition and ability to connect with people, animals, Spirit, and energy to increase my accuracy and healing abilities. I have also taken classes and worked with a mentor of my own to learn new skills and acquire new information to add to my repertoire.

What can I expect to notice during an energy healing session?
During an energy session, people notice different things, depending on their level of sensitivity and awareness. The most common reports are of changes in body temperature, feeling tingling in certain body parts, feeling heat radiating from different body parts, burping, yawning, a rumbling tummy and ringing in the ears. Others have noticed different smells in the room associated with memories from your departed loved one, like perfumes and colognes. Other people are able to see orbs and angels and Spirit who present to help within the session. Others notice different sensations in the body, different emotions in the body, visions, hearing the voices of their guides and so forth. If you notice nothing during the session, it doesn’t mean that nothing has happened. It means that you get to look for change in how you react, your behaviors and in your interactions to see what has shifted.

Are there any side effects to energy work?
Some people have reported feeling more emotional following an energy healing session. Clearing symptoms can include a runny nose, watery eyes, coughing, an increase in urination, a cold, and very vivid dreams for a night or two. Most people however report noticing positive changes in at least one area of their life, not including feeling better in their physical body, almost immediately. 

What happens if you can’t read me?
The only people who cannot be read are the ones who don’t want to be. We work on a permission system; if you don’t want it, we won’t do it. If there are things you do not want read, they will not come up in the session, as we respect your privacy. Above all, a reading should be positive, motivating and supportive. They are never shaming, stigmatizing or violating. 

What happens if you can’t connect with my ancestors?
Sometimes it happens that a particular individual will not wish to come through for a reading. When this happens, there are other ancestors and members of your divine committee who will present. There is always support available to all people, and we will find it, even if its not who you expect it to be.

What results can I expect from counselling?
The aim of counselling is to reduce the challenges and associated concerns pertaining to the issue which brought you. The goals are further problem/symptom reduction, improved awareness, improved functioning and skill building. As with everything, the effort that you put into making changes in your life, versus perpetuating the same old patterns again and again, impacts the depth and sustainability of change. You do the work, we provide the tools to do it in the best way possible.

Which therapeutic models do you adhere to?
I practice cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and mindfulness-based psychotherapy. I am also a dialectic behavioral therapy (DBT) informed practitioner. I am a concurrent disorder enhanced practitioner, meaning I work with addiction and mental health simultaneously. I also practice equine assisted psychotherapy and am EAGALA certified and versed in trauma-focused equine assisted therapy. 

Who do you connect with in your readings? 
During reading, I connect directly to your energy to garner information about your health and your life. I also connect with your spirit guides and angels, which everyone has, and also any ancestors who choose to present for additional information and to learn about the origins of your challenges, so that they may be better attended to. Should there be a specific person or animal with whom you would like to connect, we invite them in also, regardless of whether they are living or deceased. The only caveat: they must serve your highest and best good and present with messages of light, love and support

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